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Wine Club

175₪ once a month.

In partnership with ‏,איש הענבים the grape-man the world-renowned wine icon, we create an environment similar to a traditional wine club but enhance your experience in every way. Join us and give yourself a break from the everyday grind in a welcoming environment where you can be social, adventurous, and relaxed!

Join us this Thursday 29th of December at 20:00 for this unique experience and welcome this new year of 2023 as it deserves!

Throughout each wine-tasting session, we will provide

  • Introductions to the history of wine

  • Basic tasting concepts and wine tasting experience🍷 

  • Bread, olive oil, vegetables, and cheese to fit perfectly alongside your wine-tasting experience🧀 

  • Enjoy complimentary bottles of wine while bonding with your enjoying your group’s company

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