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Provide your team/group with an experience that would let them improve productivity, increase motivation, encourage creativity, develop trust in each other and each other's abilities while having an amazing, fun, and memorable time together.

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A one hour yoga session led by professional instructors which is followed up by a customizable food tasting experience curated by a chef. This experience is guaranteed to energize participants mind, body, and soul!


DJ Workout


A one hour full body workout that is facilitated by a professional instructor who motivates and encourages with the help of music from a live DJ. Taking place during the sunset and in the south of Tel Aviv (location can be customized).


On the rocks experience

A one hour experience where participants will learn about bartending techniques and how to make a variety of different cocktails. Choose between either an alcohol or no alcohol session.


Pirates of the Mediterranean


A three hour long activity where participants will become familiar with the different parts of the sailboat, basic terminology, learn how to sail and then have the opportunity to go out and sail the sea.

Choose between:

  • Herzliya- Up to 10 participants per boat (excluding skipper). 

  • Tel Aviv- Up to 10 participants per boat (excluding skipper). 

*Prices are per boat and not dependent on the number of participants.


Wine tasting

Get participants taste buds active with this great wine tasting experience. An entertaining and unique one hour session to either kick start or expand participants journeys throughout the wine tasting world. 


Zuuz Tazuz!

A 45 minute experience perfect for releasing pressure or tension in each group. This activity creates and promotes powerful non-verbal communication channels through dancing and having fun!

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Tasting TLV walking tour

Get ready to wander into the deepest and low-key food markets in the city of Tel Aviv. This two hour experience will allow participants to immerse themselves in the diversity of food and taste from all over the world, all while being in Tel Aviv!

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Ninja Power!

Have you ever wanted to be a ninja? Well here is your chance to make those dreams come true! This one and a half hour experience is led by an instructor who will teach basic techniques and assist participants in overcoming obstacles using body, strength, and mind. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv.

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Bowling in the deep

Want to go back in time to the 1960s? Join us in a retro group bowling experience that is guaranteed to strike that need! Work as a team to compete against others in a friendly match of bowling. The winning team will win free milkshakes!


Surf experience


This one and a half hour activity will begin with a lesson to understand basic surfing skills which will be followed by the opportunity to ride some waves in the sea with an authentic surfing experience. We will provide all of the necessary equipment that is needed to surf. 


Rock climbing

Enjoy a one hour long rock climbing session with a view at Park Hayarkon. Ditch the ground and come climb with us! We will provide all of the necessary equipment for climbing.


Yoga session

A one hour yoga session led by a professional instructor. Come and enjoy this experience that is guaranteed to energize and revitalize participants mind, body, and soul!


Bike tour


Take either one or two hours to experience Tel Aviv or Jerusalem while riding on electric bikes or segways. Enjoy an afternoon free of traffic jams, crowded buses, and expensive taxis and come ride with us!


Tel Aviv rides

  • Jaffa & Port

  • Tel Aviv Port & Yarkon Park 

Jerusalem rides:

  • Jerusalem express (old city)


Tennis session

Experience an organized tennis class taught by a professional instructor. The class includes a short tournament at the end. This activity will take place on proper courts and we will provide participants with all of the necessary equipment. 



A one and a half hour experience that begins with the explanation of the rules and techniques of Spikeball. Followed by a dynamic and interactive tournament where the winners will receive a free spikeball set as a prize!

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