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Tazuz Benefits Club

Tazuz would be nothing without those who participate in our countless activities, leagues, and unique events!

The community that has formed is beautiful and it just keeps growing! This is why we created the Tazuz Benefits Club!


By taking the easy steps of downloading and creating an account on our app, you become a club member which provides more opportunities to create memories and strengthen friendships and community outside the courts.


When joining this club, you will recieve discounts from many of our partner restaurants and bars. Whether it's a pre or post-match gathering, become a member and be able to reap the benefits of eating good food in good company!


Join us in taking another step to grow our booming community and become a member of the Tazuz Benefits Club today!

This is all for you! Enjoy :)

Discounts in Yerushalaim

Discounts in Tel Aviv

Discounts in Herzliya

Enjoy the benefits! Go mobile!

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