Tennis Tel Aviv




4 sessions per month

About the Course

Improve or develop your tennis skills while having fun in an international and social environment in the heart of Tel Aviv. Join us and be part of this four sessions course led by professional instructors and obtain significant results. 

Open for beginners and advanced players.


Beginners' course participants work on basic techniques, aiming to hit and play the ball and developing their skills. This course suits beginners and others with interest in the basics of tennis.


This course reviews the basic techniques and focuses on developing individuals' skills. The course is for players with some experience and includes technique drills in game-like practices.

We will provide you with rackets, balls, and all the equipment you need during the course.

June 2022

  • Beginners: Mondays from 9 pm, till 10 pm.

  • Advanced: Tuesdays from 9 pm, till 10 pm.