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Tennis Tel Aviv




4 sessions per month

About the Course

Improve and develop your tennis skills while enjoying a multi-cultural and social environment right in the heart of Tel Aviv. Join us and take part in a 4 session course, led by professional instructors. Open for players of every skill level!


If you have never played tennis before or you just want to come and refresh your skills, the beginners course is the one for you! You will have the opportunity to work on basic techniques like hitting and volleying the ball, proper footwork, correct serves, and other basic skills.


For those of you looking to continue your path towards becoming Roger Federer or Serena Williams, the advanced course is for you! You will focus more on developing individual skills as well as including game-like drills and techniques that suit advanced players of every kind!

We will provide you with rackets, balls, professional instructors, and of course, nice courts to play on!

October 2022

  • Advanced: Mondays from 9 pm, till 10 pm.

  • Beginners: Tuesdays from 9 pm, till 10 pm.

  • Due to the High Holidays, the beginners course will consist of 3 classes with a cost of 262₪.

All participants must be 18 years or older. The only official identifications that will be accepted as proof of age are Passports, drivers licenses, or any other (18+) identification cards, etc. Unacceptable identifications include photocopies, student cards, or any other non-government-issued identification.

The registration process will be understood as done/effective as soon as the following registration steps are complete:

  1. Fill out the registration form for the course you want to be a part of. When paying for the course, the only form of payment that will be accepted are debit or credit cards. Giving false information is a felony that is punishable under the law.

  2. Obtain an email that confirms your payment has been received.

  3. Depending on the course of participation, Tazuz either receives your information as a result of the registration form, or, Tazuz will ask for more information that the participant will have to provide.

  4. At the point when the participant receives a second google form, it is to be understood that both payment and registration are officially complete.

*All payments will be in NIS and there will be no participation until the payment is received.

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